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Essential Oil: Types And Variations To Follow

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Whether as the best part of skincare routine or complete relief from muscle pain, essential oil has been here for centuries. Procured from multiple flowers, fruits, leaves and steams, these oils are designed for multiple purposes. As these are 100% natural ingredients, therefore; you are free from side effects. Add these oils in your daily routine and you won’t face any skincare or health related issues ever again. Searching through the internet will let you come across so many types of essential oils.

Go through the available options:

For novices, it is rather difficult to know about the essential oil without any proper guidance. Therefore, for the first timers out there, a little bit of information is mentioned below:

  • Some essential oils are available in a complete kit. These kits differ on floral, fruits and leaves ground. You can choose whichever one you want, if you want to cover most of your health or skincare routines completely.
  • There are practically two types of essential oils available. One pack comprises of one kind of oil, and another one is a blend of two natural products to come up in a complete ratio. Sometimes, multiple essential oils are blended together to form a positive result. If you don’t know about the ratio, just buy the blended pack only.
  • Under the floral section, you have eucalyptus oil, lavender, rose and more. You can choose anyone of the following, matching your needs the most.
  • Maximum variation is applicable under the leaves category. You have lemongrass, tree oil, rosemary and what not. These are extracted using mostly steam distillation method and are known to be 100% natural and pure.
  • You can even try out on some of the fruit based essential oil, as well. Some examples are orange, lemon and more.

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