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                1. JINHUIADVANTAGES

                  Based on domestic, facing the world

                  Wholeheartedly for customers at home and abroad to provide first-class products and services

                  Process Advantages

                  Quality control

                  Product Development

                  Customer services


                  • State-of-the-art Technologies
                  • Environment-friendly Resin
                  • Professional Team
                  • Intelligent Manufacturing


                  Foundry Experiences


                  100% Export to Oversea Market


                  Casting Weight Range


                  Annual Capacity

                  Comany?is located in Ningbo, China. Products are wildly used in various industries like railroad, truck, engineering, constructions, mining and others. Current annual capacity is 15000 MT. Professional & experienced team, complete production & inspection equipment. Castings are 100% exported to USA & Europe.



                  Railroad Parts
                  Truck Parts
                  Construction Machinery
                  Agricultural Machinery
                  Construction Industry Components

                  Railroad Parts

                  JINHUI's railroad parts are mainly for high speed and low speed passenger train and some for the freight train. The main products are Draft gear housing, Brake disc, Friction wedge, Spring seat, etc.

                  Truck Parts

                  JINHUI mainly produces Anchoring, Bracket, Shaft, Yoke and so on, mainly for truck, bus, etc.

                  Construction Machinery

                  JINHUI produces lots of parts like Fixed link, Bucket tooth, Grab hook, Clamp, for construction machineries like forklift, crane, excavator, etc. And some casted construction accessories like Nut, Coupler, Connector.

                  Agricultural Machinery

                  JINHUI produces some agricultural machinery parts like Plowshare, Mechanical arm, Wheel gear, etc.

                  Construction Industry Components

                  JINHUI produces some construction parts like scaffolding accessories, clamp, nut, etc.